Ayrton Khamsins


Ayrton Khamsins

2020 Year of Manufacture
Single Cases

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The Ayrton Khamsin is an exceptional LED profile luminaire celebrated for its groundbreaking technology and dynamic performance in professional lighting applications. Meticulously crafted, it integrates cutting-edge LED light sources with a sleek and compact design, offering versatility and precision in lighting design. With its powerful output and advanced optics, the Khamsin delivers striking beam effects, crisp gobos, and vibrant colors, making it an ideal choice for concerts, theaters, television studios, and architectural lighting projects.

Designed for versatility and creativity, the Ayrton Khamsin features a comprehensive range of features including precise framing shutters, smooth CMY color mixing, and a wide variety of gobos and effects.

Its innovative design allows for precise control over beam shaping and projection, enabling lighting designers to create captivating visual experiences with ease. Whether illuminating large stages, accentuating architectural elements, or enhancing theatrical performances, the Ayrton Khamsin sets a new standard for performance, reliability, and innovation in professional lighting technology.





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