Digico Quantum 5


  • 2022 Year of Manufacture
  • Native Quantum
  • Excellent Condition
  • SD Rack 32 Bit
  • Flight Cases

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The Digico Quantum 5 represents the pinnacle of digital mixing consoles in the concert production industry. With its advanced processing capabilities, intuitive interface, and pristine audio quality, the Quantum 5 empowers engineers to achieve unparalleled sonic excellence in live sound reinforcement. Boasting an impressive 128 input channels, 64 busses, and 16 multi-channel FX units, this console offers unprecedented flexibility and scalability for even the most complex audio setups. From large-scale concerts to broadcast events, the Quantum 5 delivers unmatched control over every aspect of the mix, allowing engineers to sculpt soundscapes with precision and finesse.

Engineered for reliability and performance, the Digico Quantum 5 is built to meet the demands of modern touring and live production environments. Its robust construction and redundant power supplies ensure uninterrupted operation, even in the most challenging conditions. With its extensive connectivity options, comprehensive routing capabilities, and seamless integration with industry-standard protocols, the Quantum 5 offers a future-proof solution for concert production professionals seeking uncompromising audio quality and unmatched versatility in their workflows.





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