Digico SD7T Quantum


  • Upgraded to Quantum in Jan 2020
  • Theater Software Included
  • Optocore
  • Waves Card


SD Rack 56/40 32 bit w/ Flight Case

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The DiGiCo SD7T Quantum is a state-of-the-art digital mixing console designed primarily for theatre and live sound applications, representing the pinnacle of DiGiCo’s technology and innovation. This console leverages the power of the Quantum engine, which greatly enhances processing power and offers new features that are specifically tailored to the needs of complex live productions. The SD7T Quantum is equipped with a dual engine setup, allowing for simultaneous use of 256 processing paths at 96kHz, making it one of the most powerful and flexible consoles available in the market. This capability ensures that sound engineers can handle large-scale productions with multiple layers and intricate sound cues without compromising on sound quality or system responsiveness.

The SD7T Quantum also incorporates DiGiCo’s pioneering features such as nodal processing and True Solo, which allow operators to apply processing and effects precisely where they are needed and hear individual elements without interference. The console’s advanced theatre software, T Software, is specifically designed to enhance workflow in theatrical environments. This includes features like Auto Update, Aliases, and Matrix interactivity, all of which streamline the complex task of managing multiple microphones and cues typical in theatrical productions. The user interface is highly customizable, enabling sound technicians to set up their workspace according to the specific demands of each show, which greatly enhances efficiency and ease of use during live performances.

Moreover, the SD7T Quantum’s build quality and reliability are unmatched, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of touring and constant use in harsh environments. The console features high-resolution touch screens and motorized faders that provide tactile control over parameters, complemented by vivid visual feedback that aids in quick decision-making under pressure. Connectivity options are extensive, including MADI, Optocore, and Dante, which facilitate easy integration into existing audio systems and networks. With its robust construction, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional versatility, the DiGiCo SD7T Quantum stands out as a top-tier choice for professionals seeking to push the boundaries of live sound and theatrical production.





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