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The MA2 onPC Command Wing is an advanced lighting control console interface designed by German manufacturer MA Lighting, widely used in the entertainment industry for managing complex lighting setups. This device acts as a portable extension for the grandMA2 onPC software, enabling users to create and control lighting scenes and cues with the same level of precision and flexibility as the full-sized grandMA2 console. The Command Wing is equipped with a comprehensive set of controls, including faders, knobs, and an array of buttons, which provide tactile feedback and allow for quick adjustments and programming.

Ideal for touring, television, and corporate events, the MA2 onPC Command Wing boasts a compact and robust design that makes it highly portable and suitable for various professional environments. It connects easily to a PC or laptop via USB and enhances the grandMA2 onPC software by providing real physical controls and additional outputs for DMX, MIDI, and timecode. The device also features a built-in touchscreen, making it easy to navigate through different control options and visualize parameters. This integration of hardware with powerful software makes the MA2 onPC Command Wing a versatile and essential tool for lighting professionals seeking a mobile solution that does not compromise on functionality or performance.


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