Nexo NX4x4


-Also have five NXAE104 AES input cards to go with them for additional cost

-Has 5


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The Nexo NX4x4 digital TDcontroller is a powerful and versatile signal processing unit designed to optimize the performance of Nexo speaker systems in concert production applications. With its advanced DSP algorithms and precise control capabilities, the NX4x4 ensures pristine audio quality and optimal system performance, allowing engineers to achieve consistent and impactful sound reinforcement. Equipped with a comprehensive range of processing tools, including crossover filters, equalization, delay, and limiting, this unit enables fine-tuning of the audio signal to match the acoustics of any venue or event space. Whether used in front-of-house or monitor applications, the NX4x4 enhances the clarity, dynamics, and coverage of Nexo speaker systems, delivering an immersive and engaging listening experience for audiences.

Engineered for reliability and performance, the Nexo NX4x4 is built to excel in the demanding environments of concert production. Its rugged construction and compact design ensure durability and stability, even during extended use in touring and live events. With its intuitive user interface and flexible connectivity options, including analog, AES/EBU, and Ethernet, the NX4x4 offers seamless integration into any audio setup, providing engineers with the tools they need to achieve exceptional sound quality and consistency in their productions.





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