RCF TTL 33-A II Line Array Package


(16) RCF TTL 33-A II Line Array

(02) flying frame small FL-B SH TTL 33

(02) large flying frame FL-B TTL 33

(16) Raincover RP 1X TTL 33

(01) accessory case


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The RCF TTL 33-A II is a compact, active three-way line array module designed for high-quality sound reinforcement in live events, theaters, and concerts. Featuring a highly efficient digital amplification system, the module delivers exceptional audio clarity and power, with a peak output of 2000 watts. Its design incorporates two 8-inch woofers, one 8-inch midrange, and three 1.5-inch high-frequency compression drivers, which together provide a wide frequency range and excellent sound dispersion across various distances.

Equipped with RCF’s proprietary RDNet control and management network, the RCF TTL 33-A II Line Array offers real-time monitoring and control over each speaker in the array, enabling precise sound adjustments and system optimization. This feature is particularly beneficial in complex setups where environmental variables may affect sound quality. Additionally, the module’s horizontal directivity of 100 degrees and vertical scalability allow it to adapt to different venue sizes and shapes, ensuring uniform sound coverage and reduced echo and reverberation.

The structural design of the TTL 33-A II emphasizes portability and ease of use, with a lightweight cabinet made from composite materials that enhance its durability without compromising acoustic performance. It can be easily rigged and configured in different array formations, making it highly versatile for various event types. The combination of advanced sound technology, user-friendly features, and robust construction makes the RCF TTL 33-A II a reliable and effective solution for delivering superior audio experiences in a wide range of professional live settings.





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