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The JBL VTX M20 is a high-performance stage monitor designed to provide exceptional sound quality and clarity for performers in concert productions and live events. Engineered with precision and innovation, the VTX M20 combines advanced transducer technology with a compact and low-profile design to deliver accurate and immersive monitoring experiences on stage.

Featuring JBL’s patented Differential Drive woofer and D2 Dual-Diaphragm Compression Driver, the VTX M20 delivers powerful and articulate sound reproduction with wide frequency response and low distortion. Its rugged enclosure and robust construction ensure durability and reliability, even in demanding touring environments. With versatile rigging options and adjustable coverage angles, the VTX M20 offers flexibility in setup and positioning, making it suitable for a variety of stage configurations. Whether used as a standalone monitor or part of a larger monitoring system, the JBL VTX M20 sets the standard for excellence in stage monitoring, empowering performers to deliver their best performances with confidence.





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