L-Acoustics SB28


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The L-Acoustics SB28 is a powerful subwoofer engineered to deliver impactful low-frequency reinforcement in concert production environments. Featuring dual 18-inch drivers in a bass-reflex enclosure, the SB28 provides deep and extended bass response with exceptional clarity and precision. With its robust construction and efficient design, this subwoofer delivers a high sound pressure level (SPL) output while maintaining accuracy and fidelity, ensuring that the audience feels the full impact of low-frequency content in live performances. Whether used in ground-stacked configurations or flown arrays, the SB28 offers concert production professionals a reliable and efficient solution for achieving powerful and immersive sound experiences that enhance the overall impact of the event.

Built for durability and performance, the L-Acoustics SB28 is designed to excel in the demanding environments of concert production. Its rugged enclosure and reinforced components are built to withstand the rigors of touring and live events, ensuring long-lasting reliability and stability. With its versatile rigging options and integrated rigging hardware, the SB28 offers flexible deployment options, allowing for seamless integration into any sound reinforcement system. Whether used as a standalone subwoofer or part of a larger array, the SB28 delivers outstanding low-frequency performance, making it an indispensable tool for concert production professionals seeking uncompromising sound quality and impact in their productions.





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