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The Martin Viper Performance is a cutting-edge moving head fixture designed for professional lighting applications, combining exceptional brightness with advanced features for creative versatility. Powered by a 1000W HID source, the Viper Performance delivers an impressive output of up to 26,000 lumens, making it suitable for large venues, concerts, and theatrical productions. Its advanced optical system includes a zoom range of 7.5° to 55°, allowing for precise beam control and a wide array of lighting effects, from tight, focused beams to broad, smooth washes. The fixture also boasts a full CMY color mixing system, variable CTO, and additional color wheels, offering a rich palette of colors and smooth transitions.

One of the standout features of the Viper Performance is its integrated framing system, which includes four shutter blades that can be individually angled and positioned to create precise shapes and patterns. This allows lighting designers to achieve detailed beam control and intricate effects, enhancing the fixture’s versatility. Additional features include rotating gobo wheels, an animation wheel, an iris, and a rotating prism, providing a wide range of dynamic effects for creative lighting design. Built with robust construction for durability and reliability, the Viper Performance is designed to withstand the demands of touring and live events. It is compatible with DMX, RDM, and Art-Net control protocols, ensuring seamless integration into existing lighting setups. With its powerful output, precise control features, and versatile effects, the Martin Viper Performance is an excellent choice for lighting professionals seeking high-quality, dynamic, and reliable lighting solutions for their most demanding projects.





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