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The JBL VT4888 is a midsize tri-amplified 3-way high directivity line array element that offers high-quality sound reinforcement for music and speech across various applications, including concerts and corporate A/V presentations. It features advanced technology components like JBL’s Differential Drive®, neodymium magnets, dual voice coils, and Direct Cooled cone transducers. This design ensures powerful performance and efficiency while keeping the weight manageable for easier transportation and setup.

Physically, the JBL VT4888 is designed for flexible use in both mobile and fixed installations. It can be suspended using the VT4888-AF or VT4888-SF array frames, thanks to JBL’s patented S.A.F.E.™ suspension system. This allows the creation of rigid arrays that can be angled precisely, making it versatile for different venue sizes and shapes. Additionally, the enclosure includes protective grilles and optional accessories for enhanced durability during transport.

Acoustically, the JBL VT4888 covers a broad frequency range, with a specification of 60 Hz to 16 kHz (±3 dB). It houses two 12″ woofers for low frequencies, four 5.5″ mid-range drivers, and two high-frequency compression drivers, ensuring a balanced output with clear highs, robust mids, and powerful bass. This configuration, along with the ability to form part of larger arrays, makes the VT4888 a suitable choice for professional venues seeking versatile and high-quality audio solutions.





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