Meyer Sound Leopard Package


(12) Meyer Leopard loudspeakers with weather protection (from 2016)

(04) Meyer Leopard loudspeakers with weather protection  (from 2018)

(04) MCF-Leopard caster frame kits to transport up to four Leopard loudspeakers

(04) PC3-Leopard pull cover for three Leopard loudspeakers

(04) Meyer MTG-LEOPARD top grid

(04) Meyer 900 LCF (2016)

(02) Pull cover for two 900 SUB

(02) Caster frame kits to transport of  900 SUB

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The Meyer Sound LEOPARD is a compact linear line array loudspeaker renowned for its exceptional audio clarity, power, and flexibility, making it a popular choice for a variety of live sound applications. Part of the LEO Family, LEOPARD maintains the high standards set by Meyer Sound with a design that delivers precise and uniform coverage across its frequency range. The compact and lightweight construction of LEOPARD makes it easy to transport and set up, while its robust build ensures reliability in both touring and permanent installations. With advanced onboard amplification and processing, LEOPARD simplifies system setup and optimization, providing a plug-and-play solution that excels in performance.

At the core of LEOPARD’s performance is Meyer Sound’s cutting-edge technology, including the highly efficient Class D amplifier and sophisticated digital signal processing. The amplifier is capable of delivering ample power to meet the demands of large venues while maintaining low distortion and high dynamic range. The integrated DSP offers precise control over the system’s response, allowing for tailored tuning to suit various acoustic environments. This results in a consistent sonic signature, whether LEOPARD is used in a small club or a large outdoor festival. Additionally, LEOPARD’s linearity and phase coherence ensure that every detail of the audio signal is accurately reproduced, providing an immersive listening experience for audiences.

The versatility of the LEOPARD system is further enhanced by its compatibility with other Meyer Sound products and its comprehensive rigging options. LEOPARD arrays can be easily integrated with subwoofers like the 900-LFC for extended low-frequency performance or with other LEO Family loudspeakers for more extensive system configurations. The intuitive rigging hardware allows for quick and secure deployment, whether flying the system in an array or ground-stacking it for specific applications. This flexibility, combined with LEOPARD’s exceptional audio quality and reliability, makes it a go-to choice for sound engineers and production companies looking to deliver outstanding audio performance across a wide range of events and venues.


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